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“It starts with the children”

At Pampered Palace Salon, our mission is to cultivate a secure and welcoming haven tailored for children within the black community. We go beyond being merely a children's beauty salon; our dedicated stylists leverage their skills to establish trust with the young ones we serve. In addition to enhancing their physical appearance, we strive to provide therapeutic conversations and affirmations, fostering emotional well-being and empowerment. Our commitment is to create a supportive environment where children not only leave looking fabulous but also feeling valued and inspired.

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Monday - Fri: 9am - 7pm
Sat/Sun: 10am - 7 pm
Call/Text: 877-996-6377 x700


Pampered Palace Salon is a children's hair salon. We are located on Chicago south side. Pampered Palace service clients from ages 1-18. All styles from ponytails to box braids. Our palace themed salon is a place were you can get you Princess' pampered. Hope to see you Soon!

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